9 Optimum Customer Service Strategies for the best possible Customer Retention
Written by: Nahian Farzana
Date: August 3, 2023

Delivering Optimum customer service is vital for the success of any business or organization. By exceeding consumer expectations and turning them into delighted consumers, businesses can build wonderful relationships, gain consumer loyalty, and ultimately increase growth.

In this blog, we will discover 9 professional tips from our experience for supplying the most suitable customer service and making sure the client is delighted.

What is optimum customer service?


Customer service is the assistance you provide to your clients so they may interact with your brand in a simple and enjoyable way both before and after they purchase and use your goods or services. However, providing exceptional customer service goes beyond fixing client issues and completing requests. Customer service today is providing proactive and prompt assistance to clients whenever they need it via the channel of their choosing, including phone, email, text, chat, and more.

1. Customer Is The King


“When a customer enters my store, forget me. He is king.” -John Wanamaker


For any business, customers are the main priority. Whatever profession you are in, and your industry, your existing customers and future customers will always be your most valuable stakeholders. How well you treat them will always affect your business.

So whenever they face any problem or concerns, you should solve the issue to ensure both prioritizing your customer and satisfying them.


In the world of customer service, prioritizing your clients is a fundamental principle. As the saying goes, ‘The customer is king,’ and regardless of your industry or profession, your customers, both existing and potential, remain the most valuable stakeholders in your business. How you treat them significantly impacts your business’s success.

When customers encounter problems or have concerns, it’s imperative to address those issues promptly to show that you prioritize their needs and aim to satisfy them. For more insights into maintaining a positive online reputation and enhancing your customer service, you can explore this informative article on White Label Reputation Management.

2. Don’t Make Your Customers Wait

Well, we’ve learned from dealing with customers that they hate to wait. Customer experiences get ruined by waiting. Administrators must work together to solve the problems because the subject is now very important to the business. Try to handle your customer response promptly without any delay.

According to a study done by students at Rice and Purdue universities and released in 2014 by Maqbool Dada, customers will be happier if the time they wait is shorter than expected.


3. Have a Clear Communication

“If you are not taking care of your customers, your competitors will.” -Philip Kotler


Always have clear and concise communication with your customers. Don’t confuse them about what is happening and what they are needed to do. Make sure you are communicating properly to be easy to understand.

If you can’t satisfy your customers, they will surely choose your other competitors over you. So make them feel important while communicating.

You can talk about the result after using your products or services rather than talking about the complexity. They do not or need to understand what complex about it. For example, if you are providing Website Design Packages, do not tell them about the complex code and the process deeply. It will result in confusion and may be false positive at the end of the day.


4. Be Positive And Cheerful

When it comes to customer support, customers always want someone willing to hear their thoughts or concerns with empathy. Try to maintain a positive attitude and make yourself interested in understanding and solving their issues. It will result in customer satisfaction.

You may have sales but you can increase the sales easily with proper customer service and maintaining good attitude towards them. They just want information and Security that they will have someone in the future who will assist them with any concerns or issues.


5. Don’t Hesitate To Apologize

Customers value sincerity. They want to know what went wrong and usually want businesses to be up forthright about it. Always be truthful with the customer when encountering a problem, and don’t try to hide anything. Be apologetic if anything happens.


 6. Make Personalized Services

Who not outcompete your competetors by providing personalized and tailored service? We are confident that customers will be delighted with your personal touch and return to you whenever they require it. 

How? Imagine, why people purchase car from Pagani while most of the people don’t know about the car brand or Ferrari S.p.A. while there are a lots of restrictions?

The answer is simple and obvious. Even if there will be months to years of waiting list or no independence even after purchasing cars from this brands, you get something that no other brands can provide.there is a Unique value added from these brands that Rich or influencing people need in their life.


7. Educate Your Customer Support Team

The people who are directly connected with your customer base, try to educate them for optimum customer service. Train them effectively so that they can properly communicate with customer.

If possible try to hire someone who is passionate about the field/product your selling to your target audience. For example, Lamborgini showroom won’t hire somoene from clothing industry focused salesman because he can not provide with enough information about the car to their client base. Moreover, their selling tecnique is different from that of the whole clothing industry.


8. Take Feedback For Improvements

Have done with all these steps? Don’t waste time. Get connected with your clients/customers personally. Don’t have the time to do that? you can do 2 different things in this circumstances: 


  1. Hire someone who is professional and knowledgeable in this task. Trust me or not, you may not get the second chance to get information from your audience. Make sure you get their information right and perfectly.
  2.  There is a nice tactic anyone can implement which is to add survey form after a customer’s journey so that they can explain everything wihtout communicating with your employee. Make sure you have the data access to yourself and monitor regularly. If you need any help to implement this, you can always

9. Design a professional website

Your website is your first salesman when it comes to taking decision from the perspective of consumer. You should create a website that communicates with your consumer clearly and precisely.

Always keep in mind that it is your only salesman that will work for you 24*7 without any delay and in the same way everytime someone interact with it.

An easy hack in order to make sure that your website is up and running is to choose from website maintenance packages offered by W3 Solved. Hiring us means you are not thinking of your website again while maintaining professional online presence. Sounds good? Contact us today!


By Nahian Farzana

Nahian Farzana is the CEO & Co-Founder of W3 Solved. She was the student of Marketing and has extensive interest in Consumer psychology.

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