What is Website Maintenance and Why Does Your Business Need It?
Written by: Savannah Cole
Date: April 29, 2023

What is website maintenance?

Website maintenance refers to the procedure of frequently updating, optimizing, and managing a website to make sure that it stays useful, stable, and up-to-date. Website maintenance consists of lots of responsibilities, such as updating website content material, fixing bugs and errors anytime it will be found proactively, optimizing website overall performance, ensuring website security, and managing website backups. 

Regular website protection is important for several motives. At first, it enables to make sure that the website is functioning effectively and imparting an amazing user experience. By retaining the website updated and solving any errors or bugs, website owners can rest assure that site visitors can access the information they need with no issues.

Secondly, website maintenance packages from w3 solved help to improve website performance and speed. By often optimizing the website and its content material, website proprietors can improve load times and make it simpler for traffic to navigate the website online.

Thirdly, website maintenance is vital for ensuring website safety for visitors and security for webmasters. Websites are vulnerable to cyberattacks, and regular maintenance can help to prevent these attacks by keeping software and security features up-to-date.

How much does website maintenance cost?

The value of website maintenance can range depending on the scale and complexity of the website, the scope of the protection tasks required, and the service provider. If you ask us how long does website maintenance take, we can answer it with 2 categories.   Generally speaking,The investment in this service can be broken down into predominant categories:one time and ongoing/regular/monthly price. 

One-time expenses may include tasks like updating website software program, solving damaged links, or remodeling website elements. These expenses are normally a one-time expense and can range from a few hundred greenbacks to several thousand dollars. Again, depending on the complexity of the tasks, You can expect to pay W3 Solved $35 – $115 Dollars per hour.

Ongoing/regular/monthly maintenance costs are routine fees which can be required to preserve the website going for walks smoothly over time. These costs may additionally encompass responsibilities like updating website content, tracking website performance, or providing technical assist. Ongoing maintenance prices can variety from a few hundred greenbacks to several thousand bucks per month, relying on the scope of work required. With W3 Solved, It will cost you $500-$5000 dollars per month.

W3 Solved provides website maintenance packages that bundle together a range of maintenance services for a flat monthly fee. These packages can be a cost-effective way to ensure that the website is always up-to-date, secure, and functioning correctly. Overall, The value of website managing can vary broadly depending on a selection of things.

Monthly website maintenance packages

E-Commerce website maintenance service charge.

E-commerce website maintenance service charge from w3 solved

E-commerce website maintenance services contain beyond normal protection and technical support required to keep an online shop running smoothly. This can consist of obligations together with updating software program and plugins, optimizing website speed and performance, coping with protection and backups, and imparting ongoing technical 24*7 support.

Due to the complexity and technical requirements involved in retaining an online shop, these websites support services usually require more investment than regular websites. This is because online stores require more specialized technical information and tools to make sure they may be stable, efficient, and functioning optimally.

The pricing for e-commerce website maintaining services can vary depending on various factors, along with the size and complexity of the site, the level of tools required, the frequency of updates and backups. It’s better to book a free consultation with W3 Solved to understand how we may help you so that you know what you will recieve from us.

What does website maintenance include?

It includes a wide range of responsibilities which make it important for webmasters to hire an full service digital marketing agency.  This service is designed to make sure that a website stays purposeful, steady, and up to date. Some obligations consist of: 


1.Updating website content material: This includes responsibilities like adding new pages, updating existing content material, and putting off outdated statistics from google crawling bot. 

2.Monitoring website overall performance: We will proactively monitor website visitors activity, monitoring website speed and load times, and identifying and fixing any overall performance problems.

3.Backing up website records: Regularly backing up website records is vital to shield towards facts loss or website downtime in the event of a server crash or different technical problems. If you take our hosting service, You can rest assure that you have the backup of your website that is needed.

4.Updating website software: This consists of updating content management systems (CMS), plugins, and different website software program to affirm that they’re up-to-date and functioning efficaciously.

5.Fixing website mistakes and insects: This includes figuring out and solving damaged hyperlinks, 404 mistakes, and other technical troubles that could arise.

6.Ensuring website security: This entails enforcing security measures like SSL certificate, firewalls, and malware scans to protect towards online attacks and different safety threats.

7. Providing technical guide:It does not matter whenever you want our support if it is 3 am or the weekend. W3 Solved team is ready to provide you the support you will need. This includes addressing our client’s queries and offering technical assistance to make sure that the website is functioning efficiently.

Why W3 Solved for your website maintenance support?

We are excited to offer our partners a comprehensive site maintenance package deal that consists of not only website support but also hosting for 12 months. with the commitment of our 1 year of website maintenance plan, all our clients will receive website hosting services at no extra fee (Not a Penny of hidden charge in the future).

Our web hosting service is faster, dependable, secured and stable, ensuring that your website is always accessible to traffic. We offer this alternatives to meet the desires of your website, and our team is available to help you select the proper plan for you by studying your website size and overall server resources. (it will need current hosting and website access to assess it properly)

By selecting our comprehensive website maintenance plan, our clients can have the peace of mind knowing that their website is on the amazing team that deliver result. We will take care of everything, from hosting part to maintenance and premium support, so that you can focus on running your business and overall, growing your online presence.

Stay ahead of competition.

By Savannah Cole

I am Savannah Cole, a member of the support team at W3 Solved. I am passionate about providing exceptional customer support and ensuring client satisfaction. With my strong technical background, I specialize in troubleshooting and resolving WordPress-related issues. I strive to assist clients in a friendly and efficient manner, offering guidance and solutions to help them make the impactful WordPress websites.

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